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Work Meeting between ALBCOLD and ITCOLD, 10-11.10.2022

October 24, 2022
At the invitation of the president of the Italian National Committee of large dams (ITCOLD), Mr. Ruggeri, on October 10-112022, the Chairman of ALBCOLD, Mr. Arjan Jovani, participated in the Workshop of ITCOLD “Dams and Territories”.

The workshop was organized in Saint Vincent, Aosta, Italy where was present the president of EUROCOLD, Mr. Jean Jacque FRY, and the president of the National Dams Committee of Slovenia (SLOCOLD), Mrs. Nina Humar.

During the workshop, important issues related to the reserved strategic role were discussed in supply and hydropower, the role and the hydropower sector in the current transition of energy, and social, economic, and environmental analyzes were made on the relations between the dams and the territory.

On 10.10.2022, a bilateral meeting was organized between the Chairman of ALBCOLD and representatives of ITCOLD, Mr. Ruggeri – President of ITCOLD, and Mr. Fornari – board member of ITCOLD.

During this bilateral meeting, several important issues were discussed as follows:

  •  Exchange of experience regarding improvements and updates of legislation in the dam safety sector
  •  Exchange of experience regarding the updating and improvement of technical standards for the design, monitoring, and safety of large dams
  •  The role of dam committees in the preparation of guidelines and recommendations for the design of dams and their safety
  •  Dam safety plans and future dam safety certification
  •  Assessment of assets of large dams and their hydraulic structures
  •  Bilateral cooperation between ALBCOLD and ITCOLD in the field of dams

At the end of the meeting, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between ITCOLD and ALBCOLD. The memorandum signed by Mr. Giovanni Ruggeri – President of ITCOLD and Mr. Arjan JOVANI – Chairman of ALBCOLD,

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) focuses on several main areas such as:

  •  Exchange of experiences regarding the legal, institutional, and technical aspects of the safety of dams
  •  Exchange of experiences in terms of updating and improving technical standards in the field of dams design
  •  Exchange of experiences in the direction of the assessment of the assets of the dams and their hydraulic structures
  •  Exchange of experiences in the field of dam safety certification and their periodic audit by qualified independent experts
  •  Working visits to both countries for experts in the field of dams
  •  Promotion and support of young engineers in the dam sector
  •  Participation in the activities of ALBCOLD and ITCOLD as well as in the training that will be carried out in this field

For more detailed information about the full text of the Memorandum of Cooperation please click here

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