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What Is Our Mission

January 28, 2021

This is our Mission:
Dams as safe as possible for our people and a stable economic development
of our Country

This mission we’ll achieve through:

  •  Supporting and developing technical progress in the design, construction, operation, maintenance, and safety of large dams and dykes in the interest of the country’s economic and friendly development;
  • Determining the rules for the Operators of the large dams and as well as today’s approach to the safety of dams in order to minimize the risks that can occur from their activities;
  • Strengthening of technical capacities and monitoring capacities during the construction and exploitation of dams and training of dam monitoring and safety teams according to the requirements of the legislation in force and ICOLD recommendations;
  • Approval and control of preparedness plans in cases of civil emergencies for Large dams
  • Creating a European perspective in the direction of the maintenance, monitoring, and safety of large dams. Development of collaborations with specialized institutions in the dam sector;
  •  Information about the current situation of dam situation in our country, developments in the dam sector in the World and the region, as well as the promotion of best practices whenever possible;
  • Fulfilling our role in a transparent, predictable, and non-discriminatory way. Awareness of state bodies and the public about the multi values of large dams, but also for the possible consequences in the economy and a people in the case of their failure.

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