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General Guideline on Damba Passports and Form No. 1

February 10, 2021



Technical File/DAMBA Passport

The technical file/Damba Passport must be drawn up based on the Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 147, dt. 18.03.2004, Article 34 as well as in the requirements of Directive No. 4 of the Council of Ministers, dt. 18.07.2003 ‘Regarding the legal and technical documentation requirements that should be contained in the file of dams and dams’

In this Passport must be given at least:

  • The general technical data of all the elements of the dam is defined in VKM No. 147, dt. 18.03.2004, amended.
  • Data on the technological scheme of the cistern and its elements, as well as the method of water treatment in the area behind the cistern, including water quality data.
  • Data regarding the Reservoir Created by the Construction of the Dam, the sterile materials that are processed as well as the sliding Massifs (if any) on the banks that surround it.
  • Technical Drawings of the Body of the Dam and High Water Protection Systems (at least the Plan and their Transversal and Longitudinal Sections).
  • Photograph of the current situation of the dam, the high water protection system, and its elements.
  • Studies and Supporting Reports:
  1. Study for Geomorphological, Geological, Geotechnical, Geological-Engineering, Hydrogeological and Seismic conditions
  2. Hydrological Study of the area and Hydraulic Report for the required calculations
  3. Study on Building Materials
  4. Report on Control and Measurement Instruments and Monitoring Systems
  5. Every necessary technical document requested by KKDM by the requirements of Instruction No. 4, Dt. 18.07.2003 ‘For the requirements of the legal and technical documentation that should be contained in the file of dams and dams.

To unify the form of presentation of the requested data, the Technical File/Damba Passport will be provided according to Form No. 1 approved by KKDM which is attached to this Instruction.

For dams that have been in use for more than 10 years, the Technical File/Dam Passport must also contain data regarding the Repairs, Improvements, or elevations that have been carried out during the last 10 years, as well as the data for the topographical measurements carried out finally, together with the results of these measurements for the volume and surface of the reservoir at the level of the crown of the dam accompanied by the graphs V=f(h) and S=f(H).

To see the Form-1 Passport of Damba, click here


On behalf of ALBCOLD

Eng. Arjan JOVANI

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