02. October 2023

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Main News, October 2022

December 2, 2022
Aktiviteti me SLOCold
On 24.10.2022, the National Committee of Large Dams (ALBCOLD) organized the usual meeting for the month of October 2022.

In this meeting, several issues were analyzed and discussed as follows:

  • The revised and completed implementation project for the rehabilitation of the Pacomit dam in Permet. The technical documentation of the revised implementation project submitted to SKDM included the requirements of ALBCOLD expressed in Decision No. 19, date. 21.07.2022 in relation to the stability calculations of the dam, the bathymetric measurements of the current volumes of water in the reservoir and the curves of the volumes and the water surface in the Reservoir up to the maximum water quota, the analysis of the filtrations on the lower side of the dam as well as the installation of geodetic and hydraulic monitoring instruments of the dam. The project was also accompanied by the opposition of a licensed consulting firm, which has reached the conclusion that the project meets the technical conditions for its implementation. After the discussions of all members, ALBCOLD decided to approve the revised implementation project for the Rehabilitation of the Pacomit dam.

For more detailed information, please click Decision No. 25 of ALBCOLD, date 24.10.2022 here

  • The implementation project for the repair of the Libofsha dam is based on the request of the Fier Municipality to review the implementation project regarding some repair works in the Libofshe dam administered by the Fier Municipality. Based on Article 27 of the relevant DCM, as well as the fact that the planned works consist of several repairs of this dam, the Fier Municipality does not request approval of the project, but only the opinion of the ALBCOLD regarding the project in question. After the discussions of all participating members, ALBCOLD accepts the request of Fier Municipality to continue the works for the repair of the Libofshe dam based on Article 27 of DCM No. 147, dated 18.03.2004. At the same time, ALBCOLD requested the completion of the project with relevant monitoring systems, informing ALBCOLD regarding the supervision and approval of the works, as well as the preparation of the regulation of the use, monitoring, and safety of the dam according to the instructions of ALBCOLD.

For more detailed information, please click Decision No. 26 of ALBCOLD, date 24.10.2022 here

  • The necessary budget for the year 2023 in relation to the activities of ALBCOLD and the obligations to ICOLD as well as for the participation in the activities of ICOLD and EUROCOLD during the year 2023

For more detailed information, please click Decision No. 27 of ALBCOLD, date 24.10.2022 here

  • Archiving of technical documentation for large dams and ALBCOLD activities based on the request of the Central State Archives

For more detailed information, please click Decision No. 28 of ALBCOLD, date 24.10.2022 here

On October 10-11 in Aosta, Italy, a meeting was organized by the Chairman of ALBCOLD, Mr. Arjan Jovani, and the President of ITCOLD, Mr. Giovanni Ruggeri. At the end of the meeting, the Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two Committees. More details are given in the special news for this meeting during the month of October 2022

On October 20-22, a visit of SLOCOLD members was organized to several large dams in our country, such as the Qyrsaq and Zadeje Dams at the HPP Vau Dejes, as well as at the HPP Ulza and HPP Shkopet dams. On 22.10.2022, a working meeting was organized between ALBCOLD and SLOCOLD where common issues related to monitoring and safety of large dams, exchange of experiences, etc. were discussed. At the end of the meeting, a memorandum of understanding was signed between ALBCOLD and SLOCOLD regarding the future cooperation between the two committees as well as the exchange of experiences in both countries.

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Aktiviteti me SLOCold

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