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Annual meeting of European Dam Safety Authorities in Tampere, Finland, June 2023

July 17, 2023
Takimi vjetor AESD, Finlandë
From June 26 to 29, 2023, in Tampere, Finland, the annual meeting of European Dam Safety Authorities (EDSA)

EDSA is a government network of Authorities and state agencies that exercise control for the safety and monitoring of dams in the main countries of Europe. These authorities are under the main government institutions and exercise state control in terms of the safety and condition of large dams according to legal requirements, instructions given by them as well as reports on the condition and monitoring of the dams from the dam operator. Representatives of the European Dam Safety Authorities took part in this meeting from 14 countries such as Austria, Germany, Norway, Italy, Sweden, England, Scotland, France, Wells, Switzerland, Finland, etc. At the invitation of the organizers of this meeting, he took part in this even the President of KKDM, Mr. Arjan Jovani

During this meeting, several main issues in the field of dam control were discussed as follows:

  1. New developments in the sector of state control and monitoring of dams.
  2. Guidelines and technical standards for dam monitoring.
  3. Some basic issues in the monitoring and testing sector of Spillways.
  4. Some issues in the definition and classification of dams and large reservoirs that you should are subject to their state control, taking into account not only the size of the dams and reservoirs but also the risk in the urban areas below them.
  5. The needs and updating of the organization of the state control and monitoring sector of large dams and reservoirs.

On the last day of this event, a working visit to the field was organized to see the implementation of the state control in the dams in Finalnde, the process of cleaning and testing the Spillways, the organization of the dam safety team, and the monitoring of the dams by the dam operator, the process of instrumented monitoring of dams and reservoirs created by them, measures taken for environmental protection, etc.

Takimi vjetor AESD, Finlandë
Takimi ASD, Finlandë (3)
Takimi ASD, Finlandë (2)
Takimi ASD, Finlandë (1)

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