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News, December 2023

February 6, 2024
Diga e HEC Fani
On December 27, 2023, the National Committee of Large Dams (KKDM) organized the usual meeting for December 2023. In this meeting, several main issues were analyzed and discussed, as follows:
  • Problems related to the use, maintenance, monitoring, and safety of the Black Lake Dam administered by the Teodori Company in 2003
    From the information received in KKDM as well as the observations observed during this period, it appears that the user of the complex of dams at the Black Lake, the Sope Lake, the Zogu Field Lake, and the White Lake has not presented any regulation of the utilization, monitoring, and security of these dams required in Article 29 of VKM No. 147 above. For more than 10 years, no bathymetric measurements have been performed for the reservoirs created by the above dams, and no preparedness plan has been prepared in case of civil emergencies due to dam failure or large flows.
    KKDM considered the above problems and decided to ask the users of this complex to prepare and submit to KKDM the use, maintenance, operation, and safety regulations for the Black Lake dam and the complex of dams located in the area and used by TEODORI Company 2003, by the requirements of Article 29 of VKM No. 147, dated March 18, 2004. The preparation and submission to KKDM of the Civil Emergency Plan for cases of dam failure and large flows; carrying out bathymetric measurements in the created reservoir and sediment analysis; as well as taking measures for the installation of monitoring systems in the dam and the alarm system in the dam and the urban area below it.

For more detailed information, please click Decision No. 44 of the KKDM, date  27.12.2023, here.

  • The 5-year state control of the HEC Fanit dam was carried out by a working group composed of representatives of KKDM, MIE, AKBN, and KTPD. Based on the findings, conclusions, and recommendations of the working group presented in a technical report, as well as the data of the user of the HEC Fanit dam given in the annex of this report, it appears that the body of the HEC Fanit dam, in general, is in stable condition and its main elements are in operation and monitored. The main problems that were observed during this inspection were the amount of seepage in the area below the dam, the lack of analyses and studies regarding these seepages and their origin, the lack of an analysis of the sediments in the reservoir and bathymetric measurements to determine the current volumes of water in this reservoir, as well as the lack of a contemporary alarm system in the urban area below the dam for real-time notification of events that may occur. After the discussions of the members present and considering the requirements of the legislation in force, KKDM. They decided to approve the conclusions and recommendations of the working group attached to this decision regarding the 5-year state control of the dam and reservoir of HEC Fani. At the same time, it was agreed that the user of this dam (AYEN AS Energji) must take the appropriate measures to complete the recommendations given by the working group regarding the installation of alarm systems in the dam and their transmission networks in urban areas. below them, about the reconstruction of the filtration monitoring system and the preparation of an analysis and study for the origin of these filtrations as well as bathymetric measurements in the reservoir created.

For more detailed information, please click Decision No. 45 to KKDM, date  27.12.2023, here.

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