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News, December 2021

January 24, 2022
On 20 of December 2021, the National Committee (NC) of ALBCOLD organized the monthly meeting of December 2021.

The main issues discussed at this meeting were:

1.  Analyse and Review Problems regarding of Simulation of the Action Plan during the civil Emergency case in Dam of Banja HEPP.

For more detailed information, please click decision No.39 of ALBCOLD, dated 20.12.2021, here

2. Approval of Work Program of ALBCOLD for 2021.

For more detailed information, please click decision No.40 of ALBCOLD, dated 20.12.2021, here

On 13.12.2021, ALBCOLD and Science Academy of Albania (ASA) organized a symposium on the Hydropower dams in Albania. This event was attended by Chairman of ASA Prof. Skender Gjinushi and members of ASA as well as designers and engineers of these works.

The Chairman of ALBCOLD made a presentation on the 24 Hydropower Dams in Albania placing the emphasis on the design and construction works of the best engineers of that time. Also, in this presentation emphasis was placed on the work to be done to monitor these dams and
increase their safety through the preparation of Preparedness Plans on civil emergency cases and continuous technical control and monitoring of dams. Also, During December 2021, ALBCOLD organized some open lessons on Hydropower dams. The Opened Lessons was organized with students and young Engineers in some Universities of Tirana.

Photo 1:  Meeting at the Albanian Academy of Sciences
Diga e HEC Banjë    
Photo 2: Dam of Banja HEPP 













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