31. May 2023

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October 17, 2022
On 22.09.2022, the National Committee of Large Dams (ALBCOLD) organized the usual meeting for the month of September 2022. In this meeting, the problems related to the landslide of Porava and Gropaj in the vicinity of the HEPP Fierza dam were analyzed and examined. the colluvium landslide in the vicinity of the Koman dam as […]


September 21, 2022
ALBCOLD in cooperation with Construction Archive Center has published the book entitled “Main Dams in Albania” The book provides a summary of information about the 22 main dams in Albania that are used for hydropower production, irrigation, water supply, fishing, and water transport. The presented information provides the main technical data of these dams and […]


July 12, 2022
On June 1, 2022, a seminar on large dams in Albania was organized at the Polytechnic University of Turin (UPT). In the years 1939-1941, Prof. Petrit Radovicka, the first Chairman of ALBCOLD, studied at this University. In the seminar, the Chairman of ALBCOLD, Mr. Arjan Jovani presented a brief history of the construction of 351 […]


June 9, 2022
From 27 May to 03 June 2022 in Marseille, France has organized the 27th Congress of the International Commission for Large Dams (ICOLD). During this event, they addressed some key issues as follows: Dams and Reservoirs, Challenges of tomorrow  Innovations in concrete dam projects  Incidents and Accidents at current dams  Inspection, Instrumentation, Monitoring, and the […]


June 9, 2022
The National Committee of Large Dams (ALBCOLD) on 23.05.2022 organized the meeting of the May 2022. The main issues discussed at this meeting were: 1-Review of the technical documentation and approval of the testing of the works for rehabilitation of the Janjar dam and Shtodri dam. After reviewing this documentation, ALBCOLD approved the act of […]


May 9, 2022
The National Committee of Large Dams (ALBCOLD) on 27.04.2022 organized the meeting of the April 2022. The main issues discussed at this meeting were: 1–  Review of the Annual Report for the year 2021 by UKT regarding the exploitation, maintenance, monitoring, and safety of the dams of Bovilla and the artificial lake of Tirana. For […]


April 19, 2022
On 30 March 2022, the National Committee (NC) of ALBCOLD organized the monthly meeting in March 2022. The main issues discussed at this meeting were: 1- Analyse and Approval of Annual Report 2021 on Monitoring, Maintenance, and Safety of Large Dams and Dykes. For more detailed information, please click decision No.04 of ALBCOLD, dated 30.03.2022, […]

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Komiteti Kombëtar i Digave të Mëdha (KKDM) është organ i Këshillit të Ministrave i cili ushtron kontrollin e shtetit për sigurinë e digave dhe dambave si vepra të një rëndesie të vecantë dhe përfaqeson shtetin shqiptar ne Komisionin Ndërkombetar te Digave të Mëdha (ICOLD).

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